Tyler and I


Meet Tyler.

We’ve been talking since before Thanksgiving and officially dating since January 1st. A few months in, and this man has shown patience beyond what I thought I deserved. My heart was behind the Great Wall of China from past relationships, I doubted every word he said, my red-head attitude flared up far too often, I shut down and gave up.

But Tyler didn’t.

And now here I am, completely in love with this selfless man. I’m definitely under construction as a human but it’s more of a “masterpiece in progress” than a “disaster recovery” now.

Here’s to years of memories, my dear.

I think he broke my psyche,

To let you worship it right.

A goddess left in shadows,

So, I could see your light.


Darling, you’re my firestorm,

California can’t compare to.

Smolder walls to ruins,

Render me fully through.


Falling to my knees,

The floor heard me say

“If there is a God of Earth,

I guess He was busy today.”


But what I didn’t fathom,

And couldn’t yet know,

Is that His heart broke, too,

Hearing me cry as I grow.


When I gave up on fate,

God said, “Not yet, child”

And later that week,

You passed me and smiled.


Sunflowers turn toward the sun,

Mountains reach for the skies,

And I found the moon and stars,

When I looked into your eyes.

Kaylee Sophīa
2018 ©


Louisville, Tennessee



Kalamazoo, Michigan

It’s been years, but from a prompt by my best friend, here I am posting.

Life has fallen apart; turned sour, then sweet – now is a mixture of both. Trying to keep my head above water with two jobs, an ex in jail, and an upside down mortgaged house. But I’ve learned to start looking beyond the next two weeks in life.

Meet Dannel. The beautiful soul I couldn’t live without. She lifts me up, answers my 2am phone calls, and who one day shall co-own a cafe with me in Canada (big dreams, I know). She’s a sister and best friend – only best for you, my girl.


Dannel ↑

Me ↓


Sarasota, Florida

Today is my 18th birthday. And to celebrate, I went parasailing over the Gulf of Mexico. Despite my previous assumption, the noise of the wind is soundless up there (1200+/- feet up). I could actually hear myself think – the sad part is that’s the first time in a while I can honestly say that. Life is sweeping with business and constant noise. Take a moment each day, to have silence to just think.

“We sit silently and watch the world around us. This has taken a lifetime to learn. It seems only the old are able to sit next to one another and not say anything and still feel content. The young, brash and impatient, must always break the silence. It is a waste, for silence is pure. Silence is holy. It draws people together because only those who are comfortable with each other can sit without speaking. This is the great paradox.”

– Nicholas Sparks


Waxhaw, North Carolina

Flying isn’t about getting in the air, it’s about getting off the ground. Once you do one, the other naturally follows. So is life. It’s not about gaining success, it’s about being happy. The other naturally follows.

“To the airplane: Today, you may fly me. But one day, I’ll fly you.”

north carolina

Somewhere On The Beach, USA

At exactly midnight, my dad and I dove into the cold ocean; washing away the old with the salty tide and rising up with a triumphant yell. 2k15.

And even though it was only 40 something degrees out, we did it. It was like the world went silent for a moment and time slowed. I noticed the smallest details; the foam on the edge of the wave, the glistening reflection of the moon and stars on the water, a voice that soared within me as I screamed out in freedom. And I certainly don’t regret it. As we ran back up the beach for the condo, we were met by cheers from people all around. It was definitely a new year’s eve I will never forget.

Leave the past in the past and live for now. Claim it. Believe it.

Happy New Year. Let’s live brave & free.



(P.S. the picture above was suggested by my mom, taken by my dad, and edited by me…how many Smith’s does it take to post a picture? Apparently three.)

Gulf Shores, Alabama

Oxygen; breathe it in and breathe it out. Take a moment and search your heart. Is it filled with glee and contentment? Or are there remnants of pique and vexation? Honestly, mine was of the latter. But I’m learning to be thankful that God allowed me to even be alive for another night and dawn. There really are no words to describe His faithfulness. He brought me through another year. And no matter what is going on, I will say, ‘it is well with my soul’.

“Another year,
has come and gone.
another night,
another dawn.

Christmas time,
is back again.
bringing merriment,
joy and wise men.

I’m wishing you,
and all of yours,
a love that extends,
beyond the shores.”

– unknown

Merry Christmas and God bless us, everyone.


Fort Myers, Florida

Christmas time in paradise. I have friends here from living here before (and even two from a college that I go to in South Carolina). Aside from being sick the past 13 days (I’m serious), this has been a pretty good vacation. The ocean is so free – it goes this way and that without a care. It washes up treasures and hides secrets in it’s depths. Beach, you are my friend.

“Spirit lead me, where my trust is without borders. Let me walk upon the waters, wherever you would call me.”

– Hillsong United

Ocean, I’ll be back. But right now Alabama is calling my name. Adios.image

Columbia, South Carolina

Today,  I went exploring with my dear friend. We got in the car with a tank of gas, a map, a full day, and with nothing but the open road before us. Did we know where we were going? No. We just let the wind blow us.

“Just you and I,
in the outdoor,
sharing a heart,
to just explore.

We follow the road,
and the yonder blue,
going on and on,
farther than we knew.

We aren’t afraid,
we aren’t alone,
we have each other,
we aren’t on our own.”

– kaylee sophīa

Exploring the wilderness is the best with you, Liss.