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current location: tennessee, usa

 41/50 states – 2/196 countries

instagram: kayleesophia

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My name is Kaylee Sophīa (so-feye-ah). I photograph, write, & travel. 

This is the window into my world.

     Just a twenty year old girl who has a wanderlust deep in her soul – a need to see more than the world right outside her window. Thus, I named this blog “illuminate”. I want to light up the places on this earth that I’ve never seen that were once dark and unknown to my eyes.

I want to shop in NYC, hike the Alps in Switzerland, trek the Great Wall of China, swim the waters of Fiji, eat the food of Thailand, fall in love with Paris, hold a koala in Australia, dance the salsa in Argentina, play soccer in Brazil, make a sombrero in Mexico, go on a safari in Africa, visit Big Ben in London, see Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Russia, photograph Mount Everest in Nepal, spend a night in the haunted castle of Scotland, white water raft in New Zealand, visit the pyramids of Egypt, ride the bullet train in Japan, visit the Taj Mahal in India, touch an iceberg in Greenland, hug a penguin in Antarctica, and many more.

My map will be worn, my journal will be full, my pencil will be a stub, & my camera will run out of film. It will be proof of a life of adventure. The life I want…the life I live.