Somewhere On The Beach, USA

At exactly midnight, my dad and I dove into the cold ocean; washing away the old with the salty tide and rising up with a triumphant yell. 2k15.

And even though it was only 40 something degrees out, we did it. It was like the world went silent for a moment and time slowed. I noticed the smallest details; the foam on the edge of the wave, the glistening reflection of the moon and stars on the water, a voice that soared within me as I screamed out inĀ freedom. And I certainly don’t regret it. As we ran back up the beach for the condo, we were met by cheers from people all around. It was definitely a new year’s eve I will never forget.

Leave the past in the past and live for now. Claim it. Believe it.

Happy New Year. Let’s liveĀ brave & free.



(P.S. the picture above was suggested by my mom, taken by my dad, and edited by me…how many Smith’s does it take to post a picture? Apparently three.)